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 Writing Workshops

Writing Poetry
– for any age group. Writers will expand their understanding of the process of making a poem happen, and will actually write a poem during the workshop. The emphasis is on imagination, meaning, the use of line breaks, and fresh new word choices rather than meter, rhyme or fixed forms. You’ll be inspired with new ways to approach a poem.

Writing Novels – pick your topics and tailor this session to your group’s interests and time available. Possible topics include: Plot Your Novel, Understand Point of View, Develop Your Characters, Write Sparkling Dialogue, Research Your Special World, and Find Your Own Voice. Participants will group up to brainstorm, plot and present a story idea. . . . which might turn out to be your next novel!

Writing Your Life – the personal narrative, the memoir, and the autobiography are hot topics in writing today. How do you get started on considering your own life and revealing yourself through writing? Move from daily journaling to a more focused exploration of who you are  . . . and be prepared to learn some things about yourself in the process.

Short Story Shapes and Forms – explore different examples, techniques and tools to craft your short story into an engaging read. Fast-paced plotting activities and short, spontaneous writing assignments help writers understand the dynamics of crafting short stories.

Special Topic Workshops

The Hero’s Journey --  The legendary motif of the hero’s journey is the basis of thousands of stories around the world and throughout history. Learn to recognize and utilize this powerful theme in your own work. And—surprise!—you’re on a journey too, and yes, you are the hero, whether you feel like it or not. Build courage for the trip and discover deeper compassion for others through this fascinating workshop. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell.  

Go Where You Want To Go, Be Who You Want To Be:
Time, Task, Life Management for Writers -- Don’t just buy another planner. Take some time to think about who you are and where you want to go. Only then can you can sketch out what you’ll do to get there. This inspirational workshop provides goal-setting and planning activities to help writers reach their special dreams.

College Success – It’s About You, Not IQ – There’s good news and bad news for new college students. The good news: you don’t have to be Einstein or a straight-A study nerd to get good grades in college. The bad news: there’s a certain amount of actual work required. Some simple strategies help you study more efficiently and remember more afterwards. Fortunately, these habits pay off by boosting your test-taking skills along the way. Select a menu from the following topics:

Schedule Yourself, Take Better Notes, Manage Your Reading Load, Test-Prep Like a Pro, Raise Your Grades Through Your Classroom Style, and Understand Your Professor. Session topics run from ten to thirty minutes. These presentations are participatory and interactive.

Workshop Requests & Inquiries

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