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Here are some of my favorite links for people who are curious about things like world news, writing and me.

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Writing Resources for Writers and Writing Teachers:

Randy Ingermanson's fabulous “Snowflake” plan for plotting and writing fiction

Are you a teen writer? Here's a site for you

Are you looking for an on-line community of writers? Try this one

Want to get some inspiring new ideas? Here are loads of them

Need help with your special writing project? Check out this site

And here's probably the world's best one-stop shop for information about writing

The Chicago Style Manual is a must-have resource

Double-check your grammar and documentation citations at this site

And for online tutoring and writing help, The Purdue On-Line Writer site is famous

Look up words without leaving your computer by going to

Find that word that’s exactly right:

And if you're looking for activities for visual learners, here's a site for you

Do you want to publish a book? Look at this Writers' Digest site first

And if you want to buy a book, of course there’s always

Links for other interests:

Czech and Slovak culture:

For world news, check out and

If you’re curious about where I work, click here or

And if you’re curious about where I go to church, click here